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ibrex Series

Our ibrex™ Series balloons float for 30 days or more without the need for a refill, and they’re available in a wide range of colors and designs. Check out these colorful examples and get inspired!
ballon red

Aqua Balloons

AQUA BALLOON™ are beautifully transparent and – as this album proves – look great in photos. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself.
balloon beige
T6 photos Aqua52 1
T6 photos Upright 4 2

Upright Balloons

Easy to use with few components, our Upright Balloons have endless applications. Take a look at this collection of ideas that show off the variety of designs and uses you can put these balloons to.

Wraparound Friends

This collection of photos stars our Wraparound Friends. The loop part of the balloon is bendable to let these cute little animals ‘grab’ onto all sorts of things making for super-flexible decorations.
balloon blue
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Inspiration balloons Takarakosan

Other Brands

This photo collection showcases some of our other balloons. Diamond balloons and Tube balloons can add accents to your decorative concept.

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These bouquets all use our long-lasting ibrexâ„¢ Series balloons, which can stay aloft for 30 days or more. The wide range of color variations makes this ibrexâ„¢ Unicorn special.
ballon red

Aqua Balloon

A collection of bouquets featuring our Aqua Balloons. These shiny, transparent balloons can be incorporated into your creations to add a unique touch.
balloon beige
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Union 2

Upright Balloon

These bouquets all feature our freestanding Upright Balloons. Grab a straw and see how easy these balloons are to blow up and use?

Wrap Around Friends

Wraparound Friends are a collection of cute animals loved by kids and adults alike. This collection of bouquets gives a taste of what can be done with these unique and fun balloons.
balloon blue
Union 3
Union 2


These bouquets feature some of our other balloons. Diamond balloons, for example, are three-dimensional and come in a range of beautiful sparkling colors.

T6 SNS ibrex2

ibrex Series

Social media marketing tools for the ibrexâ„¢ Series. Use for social media posts, posters, and more.
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Aqua Balloons

Social media marketing tools for AQUA BALLOONâ„¢. Show off these clear glossy balloons on social media.
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T6 SNS Aqua3
T6 SNS upright3

Upright Balloons

Social media marketing tools for Upright Balloons. Share these versatile balloons on social media.

Wraparound Friends

Social media marketing tools for Wraparound Friends. These cute little animals are made for social media!

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We have lots of other unique and distinctive balloons that can be shared on social media.

Product Catalog - 2023

Takara Kosan’s 2023 annual catalog featuring our full line-up of everyday balloons.

balloon beige

Flier- Pastel color:ibrex/Music Tone/Sweet H mini 2023

Various pastel colors are now available for Air Filled items as well as ibrex!

ballon red

Flier – Upright Balloon New Items 2023

Check out our new Birthday, Smile balloons from Upright Balloons.

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Flier – Birthday Balloon Series 2023

Our Birthday lineup of ibrexâ„¢ series.

ballon red

Flyer –Spring 2023

Our Spring 2023 brochure featuring ibrex™ and Upright Balloons for Mother’s Day, Easter and Congratulations occasions

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Flier – Spring 2023
Product Catalog – 2022

Product Catalog - 2022

Takara Kosan’s 2022 annual catalog featuring our full line-up of everyday balloons.

Flyer –Valentine's Day 2023

Our Valentine’s Day 2023 brochure featuring ibrexâ„¢, AQUA BALLOONâ„¢ and Upright Balloons.

balloon beige
Flier – Valentine’s Day 2023
Flier – Autumn & Winter 2022

Flyer – Autumn & Winter 2022

Our Autumn & Winter 2022 brochure featuring ibrexâ„¢, AQUA BALLOONâ„¢, Upright Balloons and Wrap around Friends for Halloween, Christmas, new year and sprots.

Flyer - ibrex Unicorn New Items

ibrexâ„¢ Unicorn brochure, including other balloons that look great used in combination with the ibrex Unicorn.
balloon beige
Flier – ibrex Unicorn New Items 2022
Flier – Birthday Balloon Series 2021

Flyer – Birthday Balloon Series

Our Birthday lineup of ibrexâ„¢ series, AQUA BALLOONâ„¢, Wrap around Friends and Upright Balloons. With a float time of 30 days, you can keep those birthday party memories alive for longer.

Flyer - Upright Balloon New Items

Check out our new Sports, Congrats and Wedding balloons from Upright Balloons.
balloon blue
Flier – Upright Balloon New Items 2022
Flier – Spring 2022

Flyer - Spring 2022

Our Spring 2022 brochure featuring ibrex and Upright Balloons for Mother’s Day, Easter and Congratulations occasions.

ibrex Series - How to Use

Instructions for and features of ibrex Series balloons (float time of 30+ days). Available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Portuguese.
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ibrex Series - Specifications

Specifications for ibrex Series balloons, including information on size, gas capacity, buoyancy and more.
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ibrex Series - Color Chart

Color chart for ibrex Series balloons – explore the wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors available.

Aqua Balloons - Manual

Instructions for Aqua Balloons, including how to inflate, precautions and a handy size chart.
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Upright Balloon - tips about inflate

Upright Balloon - How to Use

Easy-to-follow instructions for Upright Baloons, including how to inflate and use.
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Group 437 2
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