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Company Overview

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From the company’s founding in 1979 to the present, we have promoted balloon culture based on our philosophy of doing what’s best for our customers.
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From product planning, manufacturing, marketing and supply support to balloon schools and conventions (JBAN), we’ve worked with a wide range of partner companies and fellow balloon lovers to create new value and businesses.

We aim to create high-quality products with extra care so that every balloon will be special to our customers.

The Aqua Balloon has a water-like transparency with a special luster.

Our ibrex Series balloons have a high gas impermeability, meaning they look better for longer.

The environmentally friendly Upright Balloons stand alone in requiring no plastic support cup.

Many of our unique products are developed at our own production facility based on ideas from our customers.

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We will continue to innovate while at the same time preserving our history and traditions to bring new value and enjoyment to our customers.
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Company Profile


Takarakosan Co., Ltd.


March 2, 1979


10 million yen

President & Representative Director

Yoshida Mitsunori

No. of Employees

70 (as of November 2021)

Area of Business

Comprehensive Balloon Specialty Company


Head Office
5-27-4, Omori-nishi
Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015
Tel: 03-3735-2111

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Company Values

Made in Japan

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We manufacture all our balloons here in Japan. We are pleased to be able to provide a full range of services, from planning through to manufacturing.

Product Quality​

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, refining our products and technologies and developing our balloon know-how. The results is exceptional product quality at competitive prices.

In-house Manufacturing

In-house manufacturing means we can be more responsive to customer needs and requests.
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