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Company Philosophy

Takara Kosan President

“Working For Our Customers”

Our policy of “working for our customers” could be rephrased as “acting and thinking from the perspective of our customers.” 

To achieve this, it is vital to remain loyal to the fundamentals of business at all times, work hard to accrue a gradual accumulation of anything and everything that will make our customers happy, and maintain a mentality of always prioritizing the customer. 

This results in building a relationship of trust with the customer, and acquiring their conïŹdence.

It is the fundamental philosophy of our company to act boldly and decisively, taking on a wide range of challenges to keep our customers happy, including responding to changing tastes, and continuing to provide beneïŹcial information, products and services.”

Takarakosan Co., Ltd. 


Mitsunori Yoshida


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