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Custom Balloons

Create your own promotional balloon

Balloons are a very effective tool for promotion, which is the starting point of product awareness for consumers.
We design advertising balloons with company logos, headlines, icons and mascots with no limits in shape and/or color.
Starting with your logo or the provided graphics, we create promotional balloons in over a thousand variations starting with standard sizes with endless customization possibilities.

We would appreciate it if we could help you promote your company’s sales by taking advantage of the attractiveness and characteristics of balloons that attract the eyes of children and adults alike.

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Color, Shape and

Size Variation

Choose the balloon that's right for you

The standard sizes and shapes available in our own mold. You can choose Largeshape, Midiumshape, Minishape and Helium filled or Air filled. The balloons are available from various kinds of films in foil, transparent, and unique ibrex materials.

Please contact us first by filling out the form below.
Why don’t you work with us to create the balloons you want to make?

Various shapes
Various sizes
An example of our molds


Jelly Heart

Sweet Heart






Custom shape

Custom shape

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Choose the Balloon

that’s right for you!


Only for Air filling

Standard shape product
Select from size range from 3~ 15inches and are available in round, heart, and star shapes. Valves are included. Please inquire for minimum order quantity. Free of charge if the desired shape is available in our molds. *The cost of the plate will be charged.

Special shape product

Special shape balloons using our unique material and produce the shape your company desires.


For Helium or Air filling

Standard shape product

Select from 14″ and 18″ round, heart, and star shapes. Valves are included and float when inflated with helium. Free of charge if the desired shape is available in our molds.

*The cost of the plate will be charged.

Special shape product

Custom balloons around 25inches in size. They can be filled with helium and floated to appeal to customers. Please use contact form to inquire about quantity and unit price.
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How to order

Custom Balloon production flow


Fill in the form

Confirm details such as shape, quantity purpose, etc via email or video conference.


Data submission

Please submit Illustrator data by e-mail . Supported versions: up to CS6

Creation of prototype balloon

Before starting mass production, we will check the product with a prototype.


Confirmation of the shape.

start making the mold after confirmation.


Blueprint proofreading

Proofreading on email, Confirmation that color separation and printing are correct.


Start making the printing plate after proofreading.


Printed film color proofreading


Balloon converting (die cutting) processing


Packing and shipping




There are a variety of methods and limitations in creating and printing custom balloons. We will explain the precautions in production through our meetings with you.
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Custom Balloon


With our own production facility, we can meet the exact needs of our customers. Have a question about one of our products? Get in touch using the form below.