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Environmental Policy

Takara Kosan Co., Ltd., as a member of Tomoe Shokai Group, obtained ISO14001 certification based on the international standards relating to its environmental management system on January 23, 2004. The company is committed to conducting its activities accordingly, in compliance with the following environmental policy. 

‚Ė†Environmental policy
Tomoe Shokai Group conducts its operations as described below with the aim of contributing to building a society that can harmoniously coexist with the natural environment and creating a more fulfilling future for all. 

‚Ė†Basic principle¬†

Tomoe Shokai Group, leveraging its position as a leading trading company specializing in high-pressure gases, builds its environmental management system, effectively conducts operations based thereon, and makes continuous improvements. The Group also strives to prevent environmental pollution and provides safe and secure products and services to society. 


‚Ė†Action guidelines¬†

  1. Explore and promote the sale of products that are beneficial to the environment and continuously promote the conservation of nature while remaining cautious of environmentally harmful substances.
  2. 2. All employees must actively strive to comply with applicable laws and regulations, ensure safety through self-monitoring, and jointly conduct business activities in good faith.
  3. Properly maintain and manage all facilities and containers that are used to handle gases, liquid chemicals, etc., and monitor for any instances of leaks resulting from defects and deterioration to prevent environmental pollution, disasters, and accidents.
  4. Monitor energy use to actively conserve natural resources, and choose ecologically friendly materials, facilities and equipment that are essential in business operations to help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.


April 2016 (Revision no. 12)