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ibrex Series Products
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ibrex balloons pic

ibrex Series

What’s special about our ibrex™ Series balloons? The longest float time in the world! These balloons float and maintain their shape for over 30 days—no more worries about bringing a flat balloon to the party!
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Aqua balloons pic
Aqua balloons pic

Aqua Balloons

Our AQUA BALLOON™, a clear balloon which mysteriously resembles a soap bubble. With unique transparency, gloss and resilience, AQUA BALLOON™ can be filled with anything you choose, to create a one-of-a-kind balloon for any occasion.

Aqua Balloon Products
Upright Balloons Products
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Upright Balloons

Our Upright Balloons come in many unique shapes and are completely freestanding. Just insert the stick/straw and inflate. Incredibly easy to set up and enjoy.
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Wraparound Friends

Who can resist these cute inflatable friends? Wraparound friends hug your arm whatever the occasion. Printing is done on the inside of the balloon, so there’s no danger of the ink peeling or coming off.
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Other Brands Products
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Other Brands

We have many more unique products from brands such as IP HEART, TUBE BALLOON, DIA BALLOON and many others.